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5 Reasons to Host your Wedding in Asbury Park

Emily & Mike pose in front of one of the murals on the Asbury Boardwalk - Opal & Jaye Wedding Photography

If you are recently engaged and on a mission to find the perfect wedding locale, look no further than Asbury Park. Asbury is not just a location but a wedding destination, and seriously one of my favorite places to put my wedding skills to work. Just minutes off Exit 100 of the Garden State Parkway, this beautiful seaside city has something for everyone.


The Venues -

Where do I begin? There is everything from the classic ballroom at The Berkeley to the more trendy Porta and The Asbury Hotel. If these venues don't fit your style and budget, Asbury Park has a host of other lovely wedding spots appealing to every couple. The views from the Stella Marina are spectacular, as is the food - you have to try their Pappardelle! If you're looking for a retro vibe, check out Tim McLoone's Supper Club. Formerly the old Howard Johnson's, McLoone's is a unique venue with unparalleled views. Whenever I dine there, I think of Mad Men when I slide into one of their cozy banquettes.

First dance on the terrace at The Asbury - Opal & Jaye Wedding Photography
Rooftop at The Asbury Hotel - Opal & Jaye Wedding Photography
First Dance at Porta - Mackenzie Lane Photography

Chris & Kate & their wedding party on the way to Porta. Mackenzie Lane Photography

Caitlin & Tom pose with their wedding party before their reception at The Berkeley Oceanfront Hotel - Photography by Red Bank Studio

Iconic Photo Ops -

The options in Asbury are endless. You'll have your choice of backdrops, including colorful murals and historic buildings. Did I forget to mention the beach?

The Guest Experience -

As a wedding planner, I encourage my couples to think of the overall guest experience. If your guests are comfortable and engaged, this will set the tone for the wedding. With your room block at one of the lovely Asbury hotels, your guests are just a short stroll away from the beach, restaurants, and shopping. They'll enjoy a mini-vacay, and thank you later for selecting Asbury Park as your wedding destination!

Emily getting ready at The Asbury Hotel - Opal & Jaye Wedding Photography

It's Stress-free -

It could be the sound of the waves and the smell of the ocean that is calming, but I believe the most relaxing weddings are the ones with the fewest amount of location changes. A well planned wedding in Asbury Park affords you the freedom to get ready, get married, and party all in one central location. The time saved by not traveling from place to place will give you the maximum amount of time to enjoy your wedding day and engage with your guests.

Cost Savings -

No transportation needed, that's right, no shuttling guests, and no limos required for the wedding party.

Consider hiring a wedding planner with all the money you are saving - wink, wink!

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